on wednesdays we wear pink

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It’s a rare occasion that you’ll ever see me wearing something pink, and when I do, it’s generally of the dark magenta/berry variety, and is often found on my lips rather than in my wardrobe. So, when I saw that one of the biggest color trends to come out of London Fashion Week thus far is powder pink, I was a little bit horrified—I mean, what else comes to mind when you think of that color other than baby blankets and American Girl Doll dresses (and, if you’re like our Contributing Editor, Liz, the new rose gold iPhone)? It’s not exactly a color I identify with wearable fashion, or any fashion, for that matter. Designers, why are you doing this to me??

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But, since I’ve decided to make it my mission to incorporate some legitimately on-trend pieces to my otherwise very neutral (and almost exclusively all-black) wardrobe this season, I sought out some powder pink pieces that are a little bit more mature and fashion-forward. And, based on how easy it was to find some of these things, it looks like powder pink is here to stay, whether we like it or not.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

1. Helene Berman Large Collar Pink Edge to Edge Coat (ASOS, $198)

asos pink coat

I love a good colored peacoat for the colder months. There’s something about deviating from basic black outerwear that just feels very chic and consistently on-trend. Plus, I like that throwing on this coat over a plain t-shirt and jeans can be an outfit in and of itself.

2. Tiger Mist Sweet Dreams Coat (Tobi, $120)

tiger mist sweet dreams coat

I know, I know, another coat, but hear me out. This one doesn’t really qualify as real outerwear because it doesn’t close, and the lapel-free look gives it more of a blazer feel than anything else. If you want to be really aggressive, you could wear this under your pink coat to work, but that might be a little too much, so maybe don’t do that. But I won’t tell you how to live your life.

3. Grid Hem Midi Skirt, Powder Pink (Missguided, $30)

grid hem midi skirt

The grid hem on this skirt instantly ups the fashion game, despite its pinkness.

4. Pink Ankle Strap Heels (White House Black Market, $39.99)

powder pink heels

As someone who wears all-black a lot, I’ve come to enjoy the colored heel. I purchased a pair of blue-and-green Enzo Angiolini heels four years ago, and I’ve been wearing them consistently ever since. A powder pink shoe is a good alternative to a nude heel, and it’s just as neutral, so you don’t have to feel too showy. Plus, the ankle-strap is super on-trend the lower heel makes the shoe easier to walk in and office-appropriate.

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5. Cedar Street Maise in Rose Jade (Kate Spade, $298)

cedar street maise

Ah, Kate Spade. I will never not love Kate Spade’s handbag, and this shape is my favorite. I actually got this bag in black for a birthday, and I have a deep and undying love for it. If you have all-black outerwear, consider this bag for a pop of color in the winter.

6. What’s The Espadrille-io? Flat (ModCloth, $30.99)

circus by sam edelman

It might be getting a little late in the season for espadrilles, but you might as well get these now and hold on to them for next spring while they’re on sale! Plus, Sam Edelman flats are ridiculously comfy. Trust me.

7. Pleated Faux Leather Skirt (Forever 21, $14.90)

pleated faux leather skirt

What better way to make pink feel a little bit edgier than by making it leather?

8. LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection High-Waist Soft Pants (Kohl’s, $36) 

lc lauren conrad high waist soft pants

These are the perfect work pants, in my opinion. They’re soft enough to feel like you’re wearing sweatpants, formal enough to be totally office appropriate in pretty much any setting, and the paper-bag waist is detailed enough to be worn with a neutral button-down without feeling too boring.