how to wear red white and blue

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Wearing the combination of red, white, and blue should be simpler to execute than it actually is. Those colors are all classics! If done right, patriotic outfits can look like  Hyannis Port perfection, but one wrong move and you’ll look like an eccentrically star spangled mess. Hopefully, these outfits I put together will inspire you to actually wear red, white and blue this Memorial Day weekend without feeling like you’re sporting an Uncle Sam costume.

Here are 10 ways to wear red, white, and blue without looking like an American flag freak:

1) Be playful, but not over the top.

Playful Patriotism

2) Use classic staple pieces liked a striped top and blue jeans, but add one punchy accessory like a trendy ball cap.

One Punchy Accessory

3) Really lean into the summery Americana vibes.

Sunny Days

4) You can get a little winky and campy with flair, if your outfit is mostly comprised of basics in solid colors.

A Lil Campy

5) Going the girly-yet-nautical route is always a good idea. Sailor inspired getups can be festooned in red, white, and blue without looking so corny.

A Little Bit Nautical

6) There’s nothing more American than straight foreword and aggressive simplicity.

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple by theglossjoanna

7) Dress as sweet as apple pie, but toughen the outfit with denim and canvas fabrics.

Red Sneakers

8) Go casual and comfortable, but tie the outfit together with a hint of color- matching. You can even wear an overtly patriotic item if you play down the rest of your get-up with unassuming classics.

French Kissing In The U.S.A.

French Kissing In The U.S.A. by theglossjoanna 

9) Understate your American flag color palette by using denim as your blue.

Denim Dress

10) Don’t feel any shame. USA! USA! Bubble gum, baseball, rock n’ roll!

As American As Baseball
Enjoy your holiday weekend (if you have one).
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