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There really is no better time than the holidays to give sequin clothes a try. It’s a surprisingly great alternative to glitter for New Year’s Eve (trust me, it’s much more subtle, even if it is still sparkly), and if Dior says it works, then you’d best believe it does. Plus it’s all of the festivity with none of the effort on your part!

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I think people’s major concern when it comes to wear sequin pieces is that they’ll ultimately look like a disco ball that got loose from the ceiling at a seedy nightclub. But, as with all things fashion, it comes down to the pieces you pick, the way you style them, and most of all, finding the right fit, because sparkly fabric can be slightly unforgiving. To show you just how easily it can be done, I tried out four different sequin-focused looks that anyone can pull off. Please excuse my awkward attempts at smizing. I just wanted to try to make Tyra Banks proud.

Look #1: Sequin Blazer

sequin blazer 1

If given the choice, I will always choose a sweater or jacket and jeans over a dress. That’s just a personal style thing. This Zadig & Voltaire Deluxe blazer photographs much more sparkly than it looks in real life, so it’s great for anyone who plans on taking a lot of pictures but doesn’t want to her outfit be so in-your-face in person. Plus, I got it from Marshalls for a fraction of the normal retail price. Pair it with neutral colors and a great pair of boots, and you’re set for any kind of holiday party.

Look #2: Sequin Dress

sequin dress

I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked this Marina dress (from T.J. Maxx, BTW!). I thought it was going to be itchy or that it would highlight all the areas of my body that I don’t particularly love, but just like any other dark dress, it was ridiculously flattering. I figured a bold party dress like this required a bold pair of shoes, but you just as easily pair it with simple pumps, flats, or a pair of boots.

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Look #3: Sequin Pants

sequin pants

Dress pants are always all about fit, and these Lulu*s sequin track pants really hit it out of the park. You might think that sequin pants would be uncomfortable to sit in, but since these are technically sweatpants, the lining is as soft as your favorite pair of leggings. You can pair them with a blazer and t-shirt like I did, or even a button-down or chunky knit sweater. Throw on a pair of ankle-strap heels and you’re good to go.

Look #4: Sequin Midi Skirt

sequin skirt

If anyone’s going to create the world’s most perfect sequin midi skirt, it’s Lauren Conrad. Since I live my life in hopes of one day spontaneously morphing into her, this skirt was a no-brainer. I paired it with a simple black tank and pumps in order to let the skirt do the talking, but you could easily switch in a black turtleneck or layer on a leather jacket to make the look stand out a little bit more.

Will you be wearing sequins this holiday season? What’s your favorite way to wear them? Tell us in the comments!