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I’ll admit that most of my style is inspired by things I see on TV or in magazine—I’ve never been a huge fan of trying out trends I see on hangers and mannequins just for funzies, mostly because I don’t have a hanger/mannequin-type body. So, when I saw Kaitlyn Bristowe wearing leather pants during one of the group dates on The Bachelorette last night, I pulled a Mean Girls, like:


(GIF: Tumblr)

Okay, so I haven’t exactly had time since last night to go out and by myself a pair of army pants and flip flops leather pants, but you get what I mean.

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Leather pants are admittedly pretty daunting—it’s a relatively unforgiving material, and pick the wrong kinds and you’ll end up looking like you’ve wrapped yourself in black plastic wrap. However, they’re actually super wearable if you pair them with the right pieces, and the highest quality leather (and even most faux leathers!) are soft and comfortable. For the purposes of this conversation, I selected a pair of faux leather leggings from H&M, because they’re at a price point and a no-cruelty level that should work for everyone! I know, I know, I’m so thoughtful.

Anyway, here are three ways to start incorporating leather pants into your wardrobe:

1. For Work


Personally, this is my favorite kind of work outfit. It’s easy to wear, on-trend, and, so long as the shirt you’re wearing is long enough to cover your butt if you choose leather leggings over actual pants, it’s totally appropriate. Plus, you can swap out the thin button-down for a sweater for cooler weather. Wear the necklace over a fully-buttoned shirt for a cool, pseudo-Peter Pan collar look.

2. For Play


There is no better mate for a pair of leather pants than a good Chambray shirt. Add a pair of comfy sandals, a loose handbag just big enough for a wallet, keys, and cell phone, a bracelet if you feel like you need some shine, and a bright pair of sunnies and you’re all set for a full day of doing, well, whatever.

3. For A Night Out

night out

Pro tip: Always go for a lower, thicker heel when wearing heels out. You’ll feel more stable and, ultimately more comfortable as the night goes on.