gigi hadid sweatpants heels

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I don’t know any free-thinking fashion person who isn’t interested in looking like an off-duty model. They’ve just mastered casual, cool-girl style in a way that nobody else seems to be able to. Karlie KlossCara DelevingneKendall Jenner—they all basically kill the fashion game without even trying. But perhaps the biggest and brightest star of all is Gigi Hadid. You kind of have to be if you’ve nabbed the lead role in Calvin Harris‘s newest music video, right?

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As if specifically trying to prove me right, Gigi strolled around in Sydney this past weekend wearing sweatpants and high heels like it was no big deal at all, she just rolled out of bed and threw on a pile of perfection as she always does. So, in honor of Gigi and her ultimate cool-girl status, I thought I’d take it upon myself to show you how to pair sweatpants and high heels on your own normal-person body. You’re welcome.

1. Look like Gigi

gigi sweatpants

Yes, this is basically the outfit she has on in the above photo, what of it? We should all aspire to dress like Gigi Hadid, IMHO.

Get the look:

2. Go for a print

printed shirt sweats heels

Hey, remember this little outfit? It’s the same as (what I’m sure is your new favorite) road trip outfit, but with heels swapped in for sneakers. I’m nothing if not versatile, guys.

Get the look:

3. Let the pants do the talking

printed sweats

Introducing the fun, printed sweatpants you’ll literally never want to take off. Ever

Get the look: