tie-hacks-feetTying a tie is a useful life skill, even if you aren’t required to wear one by an office dress code. Ties are a good way to add color or interest to an outfit, and knowing how to tie one will come in handy if you ever get your acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Here are 16 tips and tricks for wearing ties that will make sure you can try out tie-wearing without looking like it’s your first time.

1. Different kinds of tie knots

09a0dcd577bcf40dd5669e7db6b16821Thought there was just one kind of tie knot? Ha! There are so many different knots to tie, and each one speaks volumes about the wearer’s personality. Just kidding, they’re mostly just weird, fun ways to mess around with your tie.

2. How and when to wear these ties

07ca2bcb66871f146950c38928276df8The Windsor and the four-in-hand are two of the more popular tie knots. Here, the guys at Esquire tell us when to wear them and how to tie them.

3. How to tie the most popular knots

decdc6a819e8d4414fc2ef48b504796aIf you want more than the basic but don’t feel like having an origami necklace, these will get you there.

4. What it looks like to tie a tie on yourself

8df8711370e745f4fb4186fbe44b08a7So many “how to tie a tie” tutorials rely on you looking at the tie from straight-on. This one works from your vantage point, so it should make figuring out what you’re doing much easier.

5. How to get a tie dimple

People who are really into ties can get obsessed over achieving the perfect tie dimple. Here’s how to do it in three seconds, thanks again to the Esquire people.

6. How to tie an Eldredge knot

814f7636ac4c6c5606810a45cee61720Once you’ve mastered all the normal knots, here’s a super fancy one.

7. How to tie a bow tie

52eaeb75d0369b2eaf9647542864fbb4Take a hint from Bill Nye and start wearing a bow tie.

8. How to tie a trinity knot


This one looks complicated and kind of like a Rubik’s Cube.

9. How to tie an artichoke knot


Wow, this knot is like the eldridge knot taken to an extreme. It’s certainly impressive, and the name is not kidding. It really does look like an artichoke.

10. How to wear a tie bar

5f88034b400143fc1b2d8a2c2d283191Not going to lie, I love a good tie bar. (That little pin holding the tie in place.)

11. How to wear a tie and still look casual

e8eb157e8a26e1fdce7429b3869063f5I’m very impressed by the way this young woman is wearing a matchy-matchy seersucker short suit and a tie, and she still manages to look laid-back and DNGAF. The haphazard, looped-up tie keeps it from looking too contrived.

12. How to pick a tie and shirt that go together

e6b117cbd08688b20f6710799a7ca0faThis is some seriously advanced pattern matching.

13. How to tie an ascot


I don’t know when you’re going to need to know how to tie an ascot, but it seems like a fun skill to have.

14. How to skip the tie altogether

bbc08073bdc54f64d52dfff8fce46dd1This bizarre tie is still technically a tie, but it has no knot and all you need to know is how to operate a zipper. Works for me.

15. How to wear a necktie as a headband

0de7b1de845278ea7af89cb0f89d174eThis is a cool twist, and it will come in handy when the weather gets hot.

16. Bowties as necklaces

a1cd1794523f80c7b4eea6fb00e31a96OK, these are just adorable.

(Photos: Pinterest)