We already know that Hugh Hefner was sort of on the fence about featuring epic mess Lindsay Lohan on the cover of Playboy, but now the legendary octogenarian has opened up even more about the starlet’s pictorial. In fact, he gave People magazine an earful about the whole ordeal.

First, he broke down how the idea for her Marilyn-themed shoot came to be:

“The concept came from my editors,” Hefner, 85, [said].

“I had mixed emotions to begin with,” he said. “I could not have anticipated, quite frankly, that it would turn out to be such a sensational newsworthy event, or that the pictorial would turn out so well.”

Then, Hef delivered some choice words about his cover girl’s current state of emotional well-being:

Hefner…says Lohan, 25, is “carrying around some serious luggage”…

But, he said, he hopes that shedding her clothes will be a metaphor for shedding the past, and indeed, that she will be delivered anew into the loving, nurturing arms of Hollywood:

“Historically, Playboy pictorials are connected to celebrities at various times in their career,” Hefner says. “Sometimes it’s the beginning of their career and sometimes it comes at a particular moment – as with Lindsay – that is intended as a turnaround.”

Using Drew Barrymore as an example of someone whose career skyrocketed after landing the magazine’s cover during a career low, Hefner says his wish is that “this is a born-again beginning for Lindsay. I think there’s a rooting interest for her.”

Finally, Hef explained that at least part of the success of Lohan’s issue thus far (he claims it’s been among their best-sellers) can be attributed to his wise, worldly insistence on vag (although we did not actually see labia, Lohan was posed nude):

During negotiations, “Some of the people around her said, ‘No, no, no, I don’t want her nude,’ ” he says. “And I said, ‘No, this is how it’s going to be. This is how it is.’ “