Cardigans for Fall is a typically a preppy accessory but it has evolved throughout the years. More and more celebs, models, and fashion designers are showing that preppy can be sexy. I wish my husband would wear one someday but I’m not holding my breath, heh. If you have a body frame like David Beckham or Adam Levine (Maroon 5), then you’re one lucky guy coz cardigans look very stylish on lean bodies. IMO anyway. If you want to wear cardigans this Fall, go right ahead :). How about some HUGO Boss cardigans.


Hugo Boss Sheer Wil Wool Cardigan, $175


Hugo Boss Contrast Placket Cardigan, $245

I can almost see David Beckham in front of me wearing these Hugo Boss cardigans. See how the variations of wearing a solid tee or a collared dress shirt underneath? Pretty nifty.

(Images: Macy’s)