hugo_hugoboss.jpg I informed you guys of the HUGO by Hugo Boss relaunch way back in July. I’ve finally, or shall I say, my husband has gotten a hold of a HUGO BOSS bottle just this month. Hey, better late than never right? The hubs and I are very picky with perfume scents, individually and collectively. We’re always asking each other how any perfumes smell. We both don’t like overpowering smell. If we’re overwhelmed by the fragrance then we say NO right away. At first sniff of HUGO Boss perfume, we both agreed that it’s not bad at all. Not too strong, so we initially liked it. But then again, we only tested it with our fingers. It turns out, as the day went on, the scent wore off really fast. Actually, if you want to smell it at all, you really have to put your nose on the spot there you applied HUGO. It’s definitely not overpowering nor is it overwhelming since you can’t smell a damn thing unless you plant your nose on the spot. Or unless you spritz the whole bottle on yourself, probably. I mean it’s not bad, scent wise. It’s just not a splendid fragrance as we initially thought it was. But then again, you’re asking 2 very picky people when it comes to choosing a splendid fragrance for themselves. :)

If you have any reviews for HUGO by HUGO BOSS, feel free to leave a comment here. Was it a splendid fragrant for you?