It might be starting to look like the apocalypse outside, but that doesn’t mean you should let the hurricane win by sacrificing your daily fitness routine. One excellent DC resident demonstrated extreme bravery in the face of inclement weather earlier today when he donned a seasonally appropriate horse mask, then went for his daily jog in the cold, shitty rain. Victory!

Since then, DCist has identified him as one Jimmy Kruyne, a delightful individual who planned the video-bomb on Twitter, then posted a victory photo once he’d successfully meme-i-fied himself:

His goal? To spread joy and happiness throughout the beleaguered east coast. “Little spontaneous jogging hopefully put a smile on people’s face before this awful storm,” he told DC-ist. That said, he’s also taking his hurricane prep seriously:

Bless your heart, shirtless jogging horse man. You are an inspiration to us all.

(Via Buzzfeed)