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We know just how important sleep is, but getting our recommended amount of shuteye on a daily basis can be difficult. If you are the type of person who has given up trying to catch more zzz’s at night, and try to squeeze in catnaps during the day, you are going to like this. If you like napping in general, you are going to be a fan. There is a hoodie on Kickstarter called the Hypnos Hoodie that is dubbed as the world’s best sleep hoodie.

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Let me explain. The Hypnos Hoodie looks like your everyday hoodie, but with one key difference. The hood inflates so you can take a nap wherever you are–provided that isn’t somewhere with music blaring, or sirens going off with children trying to scream over top of them. This is every commuter and traveler’s dream.

Apart from the whole inflatable hood thing, the Hypnos Hoodie looks like your average hoodie. The Hypnos Hoodie has long sleeves and it is a nice medium-weight. Don’t worry, it is just as soft as you regular hoodie, so you won’t have a problem wanting to snuggle up in it. It comes in black, charcoal gray and speckled gray. Plus, there are different styles: fitted pullover, fitted zip-up, relaxed pullover and relaxed zip-up. There is even a nylon jacket that is available in black and matte black.

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Everyone you know can get in on the hoodie napping because the Hypnos Hoodie is available in men’s, women’s and even kid’s sizes. The women’s sizes run from XS to XXL (approximately a size 0 to 18).

Hypnos Sleep Hoodie

You’re probably wondering how exactly it inflates. The hoodie really does have an inflatable pillow inside the hood. It measures 15 inches by 9.5 inches and is designed to contour to your head for superior comfort. However, the hood has an oversized design so it isn’t blatantly obvious from that outside that you have a pillow in there. There is no Michelin Man head here.

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When you want to take a nap, you can inflate the Hypnos Hoodie in three seconds. The hoodie has a valve on the inside of the hood that you blow into to inflate it. Then you are good to start counting sheep. When you’re done napping, you can just deflate it by gently pressing down on the hood to release the air.Hypnos Hoodie Inflate

It may be a bit awkward to start blowing into your hood or releasing the air on a packed train, but it’s less awkward than carrying your dirty neck pillow with you wherever you go. Plus, you could always blow it up before.

The Kickstarter campaign has a goal of $30,000. So far, the Hypnos Hoodie has raised over $22,000 and there are still 15 days to go in the campaign. The estimated delivery date for the hoodies is March 2016 and they are expected to retail for $200. Until then, you are just going to have keeping bundling up your scarf into a ball every time you want to take a nap.

Check out the Hypnos Hoodie Kickstarter campaign to see more!

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