Diane Kruger has a new movie coming out called Farewell, My Queen, where she gets to play infamously misunderstood royalty, Marie Antoinette. That seems like as good a reason as any to talk about why I’m mildly obsessed with her, her style and her public persona.

Kruger is not the type of celebrity you hear about partying and causing trouble. For the impressive number of red carpets she walks and events she attends, you rarely hear real gossip about her. There’s normally just a pretty picture and a note that she was there with her boyfriend, Pacey. I mean, I assume she calls him Josh or Joshua.

I first learned who Kruger was when she played Helen in the man-candy film Troy. I remember thinking, “Yea, fitting person for the most beautiful woman ever. I can see it. Even though I don’t understand her attraction to Paris. Or anyone’s attraction to Paris.” Then she had to pretend to be attracted to Nicholas Cage in National Treasures, which just made me feel really sorry for her. Maybe I started liking her out of sympathy.

But since then, Kruger just seems to be content doing smaller movies, living a relatively low-key celebrity life. Her projects aren’t all huge and she doesn’t promote the hell out of them. In Interview, she said of her career as an actress, “I think that I’ve followed my little path slowly and steadily…” Even when asked a ridiculous question about her unnatural good looks, Kruger seems humble.

BLANKS: Do you feel that beauty stands in the way of people’s taking you seriously?

KRUGER: No, and that’s a silly thing to say anyway. Because, first of all, you sound like an ass if you say that. Brad Pitt seems to have no problem getting parts that he wants, nor does Angelina Jolie. Not that I’m saying I look like either of them, but I just don’t think that it has anything to do with that. It’s the emotions or characters you are able to take on that will get you work, not necessarily the way you look. Obviously, beauty can open doors—it is Hollywood, after all—but that’s not enough.

Who doesn’t adore someone who admits that being “too pretty” just makes you look like an ass? Of course it does. Diane Kruger knows that.

It’s funny, because I don’t know much about Kruger and her personal life, even though I like her so much. And that might be part of her charm. You don’t know a ton about her. She isn’t trying to share every detail of her psyche. She seems to be happy to work consistently and display a little class when she’s in public. I can respect that in a person.

So to honor Diane Kruger and look bad at the reasons I kind of adore her, let’s take a look back at some of her best fashion choices. Just because it’s fun.