Brianna Demato is a 15-year-old student at Newton High School in Queens, N.Y. She also happens to be bisexual. Demato was sent home Tuesday when school officials caught sight of her “I Enjoy Vagina” t-shirt, despite her claims to have worn the shirt “several times” before, without reprimand.

Demato isn’t taking the suspension sitting down: she’s claiming school officials violated her free speech. “It’s hypocritical,” she told the New York Daily News. “They use the word in class — why can’t I, on a shirt?” Someone needs to better explain the importance of context here, because we kind of doubt any teacher has ever announced, “I just really love vagina, I want to revel in it,” unless health class is super different nowadays.

Her mother Cathy is standing by her side:

“They’re discriminating against Brianna. They pulled her out of class for nothing. She’s not hurting anyone…. [Wednesday] she’s wearing a shirt that says ‘I’m the B—h From Down The Block. The message is, she can wear whatever she wants.”

Look, we’re all for people being proud of who they are but… reign it in a little on the blacktop, guys.

If you’ve any interest in seeing Brianna in her controversial shirt–bright red and scrawled in the style of the Coca Cola logo, per the slogan commonly found on frat boys’ chests and in the flippable poster displays at faux-edgy mall stores–you can visit the News.

Look, school officials frequently go way, way overboard with this stuff but… shouldn’t everyone leave apparel declaring explicit sexual preferences outside the class room?

Or maybe we just think all those Hot Topic-y “funny” shirts should be banned.