Listen — I’m willing to admit that I’m not a stylist at Harper’s Bazaar, and that possibly they think they know more about fashion than I do. But what is this look? Why is this coming back? And why isn’t it exclusively reserved for women ages 55+?

Because while this whole beige-with-a-splash-of-animal-print is some classy shit, I guess, it’s the most boring thing I can possibly imagine. And it’s a rip-off of the 1980’s and not in a cool (or not so cool, IMHO), retro way, but in a we-forgot-we-already-did-this-once-and-it-was-boring-then-too kind of way (no, I don’t know why I’m overusing both the hyphenated phrase and the parenthetical remark).

I’m sorry, Harper’s, and everyone else who has been featuring this look. I know that leopard and animal prints are in for fall, and that’s totally cool with me. But does that really mean that the only clothing they can accessorize has to suggest that the animal print is in fact the only thing being worn? Cause that’s so lame, and that’s a sure way to alienate people from the trend you’re trying to create. Just sayin’.