My father called me last night to tell me two things. One involved something about the Red Sox that I don’t recall and the other was how Sheena Easton’s birthday was today.

Like myself, my father is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge that only comes in handy during Trivial Pursuit games or Jeopardy. It has already been decided that someday the two of us will go head-to-head in the presence of the great Alex Trebek and I will win.

When I asked him why he was sharing this interesting, but once again, useless knowledge his answer was quick: “Don’t you remember you wanted to be Sheena Easton when you grew up?” Thankfully, I had forgotten; but tragically, it was true.

So thanks to my father and my former my dreams of growing up to be Sheena, let’s take a gander at some of her amazing looks. We’ll use the video of “For Your Eyes Only,” as the soundtrack.

[youtube_iframe id=”JP4xXjW97ko”]