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A woman is looking for tube socks.

She has been to five stores and cannot find them.

She is explaining this to a sales lady, who keeps saying, “I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m sorry.”

The woman who cannot find tube socks says, “But they used to be everywhere…”

I am standing in the hair colorant aisle at the Walgreens on Washington holding a box of Clairol Natural Instincts #35 Ebony Mocha in my right hand and a box of Clairol Natural Instincts #22 Cinnaberry in my left when the elderly woman one aisle over who wants tube socks says, “I’ve been waiting a long time to die, now I want to even more.”


I hear this, return the hair colorant to the shelf and quietly walk away.

Back at the office, I go to the bathroom and cry.

I should have said, “there are tube socks at H+M.”