Kate MiddletonGuys, you’re never going to guess what that wacky Princess did.

Kate Middleton repeated a dress in public. That’s right, she wore the same dress twice.

Scratch that, she wore the same dress in a different color. I guess we don’t have to hyperventilate, because she didn’t let the same fabric touch her skin twice or anything crazy like that.

But seriously, where’s her creativity? How hard can it be to come up with a new, completely polished, absurdly conservative and utterly appropriate garment to wear every day for the rest of your life?

We can’t fault fashion-types everywhere for pointing out this serious issue when we’ve conditioned them to believe that people should only ever wear a garment once, no matter how many thousands of dollars the things cost. We continue to accept this rule that famous people need an ever-evolving wardrobe every time they leave the house for a cup of coffee.

This is why I sincerely wish that Kate Middleton would wear the same dress every day for a month.

First of all, some fashion editors’ heads would explode. They would be like robots who got wet, “Can… Not… Function… Buzz… Click… Karl….”

But most importantly, if Princess Catherine took a stand, maybe we would finally stop reporting on the fact that someone wore a dress twice. Especially when THEY WERE DIFFERENT PIECES OF CLOTHING AND DIFFERENT COLORS. Sorry.

Look, that Amanda Wakeley dress looks awesome on Kate. It looked great in cream and it looks great in charcoal, especially with that Alexander McQueen belt thrown in. But it should not be a big deal that she wears something twice.

I once wore a shirt two days in a row, with different pants and an added sweater the second day. Any one piece of clothing in my closet has been worn at least three dozen times.

I understand the idea of dressing up for a special event and therefore wearing something new, but when every day of your life is a special event, we might need to cut you some slack. If you’re at some formal function 90% of your waking hours, I think we should understand when you wear a pair of boots more than once.

So Kate, please consider it. Find a really awesome dress and wear the hell out of it. Then maybe we’ll get all our “repeat indignation” out of our system and we can all get back to trashing the Kardashians and talking about your sister’s butt.

(Photo: Styleite)