I, for one, am getting a bit tired of the whole wild dress material shebang. Yes, it looks lovely in a lot of cases, but it’s often just a kind of bizarre tool to garner a lot of attention from “WTF is this?!” blog posts and they’re frequently neither really wearable nor sustainable.

However, anything inspired by and/or featuring Tilda Swinton makes me genuinely thrilled, so I was pleased to hear that TWELV Magazine, for its second issue, published an editorial called “Ice Queen” featuring Tilda Swinton as well as an enormous, beautifully sculpted “ice dress.” While Swinton didn’t wear the dress–that would’ve been simply too fierce and somehow, somewhere, Tyra Banks would’ve imploded–she did star in the shoot, as well, so I am a happy gal.

The dress, created by ice sculptor Takeo Okamoto, weighed over 500 pounds and needed a staff of 13 people to actually move. It could only be photographed for 30 minutes prior to melting, so the team had to work extremely fast to get the right shot:

Believe me, I think this is amazing. Amazing! However, it also is incredibly painful to think about wearing. I have a terrible cold sensitivity and the idea of essentially becoming a huge Popsicle sounds horrible. That said, ice sculpture is wonderful–albeit not an art form I can be around long–and this is no exception.

Pics via Huffington Post.