I know, I know, I’ve been off the radar for a few days…but who has time to shop when Santa is in the building?



Truth is, Santa was not in my building – in fact, Chanukah Harry barely stopped by – but the Christmas Season is a time of eating and merriment, and dreaming of after-Christmas sales to be pounced upon.

Like…the Ideeli Red Sale, which started just about an hour ago. Prices are slashed over 90%, and I’m finding myself coveting labels I could never DREAM of affording..and now finding them within reach. Well within reach.

Take for instance this Notte by Marchesa strap dress – perfect for my upcoming trip to Rio, and normally around $1,050 – it’s now under $200!

Items are already selling out – so this is a jump-immediately kind of sale – but you sooo won’t be sorry.

PS: If you are a size 2, maybe you should…I don’t know…go out for coffee until I’m done shopping. Thanks.