idina-menzelIdina Menzel is the boss. She should be teaching a master class for all young celebrities in how to handle a wardrobe malfunction. Last night her boobs wandered out of her top during a performance at Radio City Music Hall, and she handled it better than anyone we’ve seen since Britney Spears.


During her show last night, Menzel was wearing what looks to be a leather bra under a silver gown cut well beneath the breasts. Halfway through “Take Me or Leave Me,” however, her right breast started slipping out from the bottom of the bra cup. While she paused to call up an audience member to sing with her, someone shouted to let her know.

“What? My boob’s coming out?” she asked.

“YES!” someone shouted helpfully, and everyone applauded. Menzel felt around to see what was happening just as a crew member darted out onstage to help wrangle the wandering breast.

“Oh, that’s going to be all over television,” Menzel said as she adjusted her bust. “Well, fuck it. They’re real.”

And then she just went along with the performance, throwing out a few clever quips about the incident. “Could you see the boob from way up there? Of course you could, because there are three jumbotrons!”

She even stopped to give a lesson to a little girl who wanted to sing with her. “Sometimes these things happen … you just have to go with the flow.”

That’s a pretty good lesson for dealing with wardrobe issues, and with life issues in general. Sometimes your boob winds up on a Jumbotron. When that happens, just stuff it back in and keep going. (Being able to make clever jokes about it and then start singing better than anybody alive doesn’t hurt, either.)

(Photo: WENN, YouTube)