Unfortunately for my husband I’m not rich. So even if I’d love to buy him his Charger SRT8, or an Xbox 360 I just couldn’t. Even though the latter might be on a Christmas family list I still don’t understand why we just can’t live with our regular Xbox. What’s the diffrence anyway? BTW, that was a rhetorical question so don’t everybody jump on letting me know the difference, heh. If I was really really rich, besides getting the 2 aforementioned gifts, I’d shop at Neiman Marcus and get the items below for Father’s Day.

NOTE: Since She Knows Best is about Men’s Styling and Grooming, I “virtually” shopped for items that are under those categories :) .

David Yurman Black Onyx Dog Tags, $525

Dolce and Gabbana Navajo Watch, $345

David Yurman Black Titanium Cable Bracelet, $550.

Cole Haan Air Granada Sport Oxford, $165

Neiman Marcus Monogrammed Shake Kit, $195

nm_tee.jpgTrunk Limited-Edition Jimi Hendrix ’72 Tour Tee, $99

Dang. Too bad for my husband coz he has to contend with a pair of DrScholl’s shoes for work, bargains at OLD NAVY, Norelco Trimmer All-In-One Kit, and a Spider-Man 3 movie treat. Ooops I almost forgot, a ridiculously HOT looking wife and 2 beautiful kids. ;)

Happy Father’s Day to all the Wonderful Father’s out there. Remember, you wouldn’t be a Father if it wasn’t for the Mother. Hehehehe :P