There are a lot of things you might expect to suffer in jail. Bad food. Infighting. Possibly prison rape. But being forced to look like a member of a new wave band from the mid-90’s probably wasn’t one of them. Until now! In Cleavland County prisoners are forced to wear neon pink shirts and striped yellow and white pants. The result is that they look like an edition of a colorblind Where’s Waldo (I guess this is what happens when Waldo makes meth).

Local attorney Fred Schaeffer states, “There’s no doubt in my mind that the intent was to humiliate them. A lot of innocent people get arrested and go through that jail, and everyone is supposed to be presumed innocent until they are found guilty. It’s bad enough to be arrested, but to then be humiliated by having to wear a costume like that is wrong.”

Don’t you miss those tasteful traffic cone orange uniform days? And DOES this seem like cruel and unusual punishment?