Ah! Fashion Week! That twice a year event where the world’s finest designers and skinniest models come into town (if they don’t already live here) and inject the city with even more fashion savvy-ness. While Jennifer Wright may not be a big fan of Fashion Week, some people wait the long six months for its return, and what a trying six months it can be.

But once it rolls around there is glee and mayhem to be found on the streets of New York City. You can see celebrities on every corner, models in line in front of you at your local coffee shop although they’re not going to get anything, and your Twitter feed is an explosion of Fashion Week related topics. It’s a fine time for all!

For those of you who are new to Fashion Week or may just be one of those “hanger-on” types, getting into the shows can be quite difficult. Even if you’re able to sweet talk your way in, you’ll be standing with your back against the wall while all the fancy people get to have a seat and a schwag bag of goodies that they’ll probably never use. However, hitting up the bars where all those fancy people just might be could be the next best thing to the shows. You can stand around with a cocktail in your hand pretending you know so-and-so and playing it cool when someone you recognize walks past you. What? No, I didn’t even notice Kate Moss walk by in that blue dress and black suede pumps with her hair swept up into a messy ponytail.

So if getting your drink on with the Fashion Week elite is your thing, then Vogue UK has some suggestions for you.

Red Egg

What it has to offer: “Now popular with models, designers and editors alike, it is best visited on Friday and Saturday when DJs play anything from Nineties R&B to British punk.” There you go!

Le Bain and the Boom Boom Room at The Standard Hotel

What they have to offer: Well, as one who’s been to the latter I can confirm that if you want to feel bad about your imperfections while swimming in a pool of people who are overly-impressed with themselves, then this is the place for you. Actually all of Meatpacking District may have this effect on you this week.


What it has to offer: Having never been during Fashion Week, I can’t say for sure, but in the middle of the week, it’s low-key and has great cocktails. On East 3rd Street, it’s just a stone’s throw from the Lower East Side where it’s bound to be hopping in some of those chi-chi hotels and bars as well.

The Cabin Down Below

What it has to offer:  “Named after a Tom Petty song, this tiny basement bar attracts a diverse crowd – from Pamela Anderson to The Strokes – and is always crammed full.” Well if Pam Anderson is going to be there then you know it must be happening. If you can’t get in because Pam and her fellow Baywatch cast members are holding court, then Elsa is just four blocks south.

Happy drinking!