According to a study released by the University of North Carolina, people who wear designer knockoff sunglasses are more likely to be lying liars who lie, possibly because they don’t feel guilty about cheating:

Everyone in the study was given a pair of real $300 designer shades. Half of them were told they were authentic, while the other half was told they were knockoffs. Both groups were then asked to complete a problem-solving task where they would be paid for each correct answer. They marked their own tests and were asked to report their scores. The subjects who thought they were wearing real sunglasses cheated 30 percent of the time, while those who believed they were sporting faux lenses bumped up their score 71 percent of the time. All the participants thought that their tests were anonymous and that their reported scores couldn’t be cross-checked, but researchers had coded the exams so they knew exactly who was, and who wasn’t, a fashionable fibber.

Is it just me, or does it feel like this study was subsidized by a designer? I’m always so skeptical of anything that tells you buying knockoffs makes you a bad person – it feels like a scam by high-end fashion brands to make you feel guilty for not buying their stuff. But maybe I’m just a fundamentally evil person since I have bought knockoffs in the past, and therefore my opinion is invalid. Could go either way.