Karl Lagerfeld who, once upon a time was a chubby, grumpy guy with a fan in front of his face at all times, once said after he became a thin, grumpy guy without a fan in front of his face at all times that “Fashion is the healthiest motivation to lose weight.” I’m not sure I agree, but Karl says a lot of things with which most of us don’t agree.

While the chances of Karl ever putting his, or rather Coco’s name, on a food product are zero to nil, it’s still interesting to wonder just how many die hard Chanel fans would run out and buy Chanel popcorn if it existed. And what about Burberry cheeseburgers or Christian Louboutin cupcakes — would fans also scoop those up too, the way some people buy tee-shirts with these iconic emblems on them just so they can say they own at least one thing by any of the following designers? Although none of these are actual products by the designers themselves, they are pretty to look at while pondering whether or not these foods would taste better simply because of the name attached to them.

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