It’s the summer and it’s one that feels like it’s breaking records all over the country. In this weather, you want to wear as little as possible, because sweat stains are not pretty and your skin wants to breathe without the interference of clothes.

As women, it’s nice that we can toss on a dress — sans anything else — and just go about our day in this heat. But, as I’m discovering from being around so many married people, some men are not down with the idea of their wives wearing barely-there clothing. Did feminism not come to Colorado and announce that women should be able to dress how they want despite their husband’s disapproval? I’m thinking that maybe not. I’m also thinking that based on the amount of times I here some guy say he wants to burn Fifty Shades of Grey, that the men out here are scared of a revolution where women dress how they see fit and want to be dominated in the bedroom. Whatever will they do if the fairer sex rises up and takes over this town or state? It will just be a matter of time before it spreads like a plague and women all over the world will start acting crazy! God help us!

If the guy I was with told me to “cover up” before I left the house to go out with friends, I’d probably remove my bra and underwear, throw it at him and go out like that. But that’s just me and maybe that’s why I’m currently single — I don’t take kindly to authority.

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