Hogan McLaughlin. You may not know his name yet, but if Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness have a say in the matter you will and you’ll probably love him, too.

At a mere 23 years old, McLaughlin is already done with his second collection and it’s not only gorgeous, but fits the perfectly eclectic style of Gaga and her equally fashion risk taker, Guinness. Originally he started as a dancer, and although he trained for most of his life to dance, in 2009 he left to pursue his other love: visual arts.

As he told Styleite:

I started drawing Disney characters, and I think that’s how I learned to make a proportionate body — as proportionate as a Disney woman’s body can be. I loved designing crazy shoes and clothes, but I think my interest in my own personal style definitely helped me define who I am as a designer, and streamline some of the crazy.

It wasn’t until I met the amazing Daphne Guinness that I actually had anything constructed in the third dimension. It was sort of the catalyst for catapulting not only my career, but the mindset of “Oh yeah…why haven’t I done this before now?”

But how the hell does a kid with a love for sketching Disney characters meet Daphne Guinness? Why, Twitter, of course! He sent her some sketches, they made a date and before their first meeting was over she had already commissioned him for two designs for a short film. Some people have all the luck, or in McLaughlin’s case, all the talent. Shortly after that he caught Gaga’s eye and the rest is history; well, almost history as his legacy is just starting.

McLaughlin designs meet somewhere between futuristic and elegant. He clearly has an eye for exactly where lines should fall on a woman’s body, as well as how to complement it down to every inch. How can you not love a designer who emphasizes women’s shoulders and hips? Ah! They’re the two sexiest parts of a lady!

At the moment, our darling McLaughlin has already started working on sketches for his upcoming fall/winter 2013 collection in which he’s in talks with a jeweler and sculptor Eero Hintsanen to really take things to the next level. But I think the most important lesson we’ve learned from this is that Twitter is your friend; and sometimes Twitter is actually meant for something other than Alec Baldwin‘s endless rants about the paparazzi.


Photos: Gallery images via Hogan McLaughlin