Browsing through websites today, it’s impossible to go anywhere without seeing a post about Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

First of all, that news was so yesterday. Second of all, it was just a meat dress!

I mean, the whole thing with Gaga is that she’s going for attention, I guess. And sure — a meat dress isn’t necessarily hanging in my closet. But as Ashley Seashore pointed out in her post yesterday, it’s a little unclear what she was trying to say with all the beef:

“There are many arguments to be made about originality of ideas (just ask Christina Aguilera) but, in my opinion, the real problem here is about the loss of meaning of the original work…it seems that this particularly unoriginal statement only shows that the lady is swimming in the shallow end of the pool.”


But because of that lack of context, it makes it a little hard to care about the dress, or to understand why it’s all over the news. Was it weird? Yes. Did it stink? Apparently. But just like with the nuns fucking in her Alejandro video, I don’t think it was particularly interesting or new (ahemMadonna). Personally, at this point, I’d like to see Gaga put her money wherever her mouth might be and wear something that will really offend. How about, say, a necklace made out of embryonic stem cells? I dare you.