French people don’t get fat, probably because of all the running up and down in airplanes telling people to go fuck themselves. And the smoking. We always suspected it was le smoking. Apparently, a Frenchman was just arrested for disorderly conduct after smoking in an airplane bathroom. According to Stuff:

A federal air marshal on the plane intervened and instructed Lebrun to return to his seat. Two other marshals confronted him again when he continued to yell expletives and then “aggressively positioned himself toward one of the federal air marshals in a fighting stance”.

He was then handcuffed and moved to the rear section of the aircraft.

Lebrun continued to verbally abuse passengers around him, yelling ‘I’m French, f*** you!’
The only thing that could make this story better would be if the man was, in fact, from Indiana. But then we wouldn’t be able to imagine Pepe LePew in a fighting stance, so maybe not. In honor of that man, we found this Monserat de Lucca brass lighter ring ($55). It says, “I’m French, I enjoy smoking, but I’d prefer not to fight you, friendly flight attendent.”