My knowledge about Jessica Simpson‘s career is pretty minimal. I can’t name one song by her, I know she has a sister, Ashlee, who “sang” at one point, too (remember the SNL situation), and that her dad seemed to be running the show for awhile.

What I do know is that the next time someone talks shit about her weight, I will smack them, and that she’s never been known for her fashion sense. Even since her earliest days she has worn some outfits that make you leap back from the photo, scream, then wave your arms around like a Muppet shouting “Why?!” I also know that these fashion choices have found her on many “Worst Dressed” lists.

Today Ms. Simpson turns 32 years old. Instead of berating her for her less than perfect style, although we’re going to look at some her worst fashion moments, I think it’s time we accept that the gal can’t dress. But who hasn’t had dark days in their fashion past? No one’s perfect all the time!