Oh, New Yorkers and their dogs...

For over a century New York City has been celebrating Easter with a parade along 5th Avenue between 49th and 57th Streets. Not exactly the most organized parade, as it mostly consists of people wandering in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, it’s more of a six hour (10am-4pm) display of over-the-top and outrageous Easter bonnets. Over the years it has evolved into not just an annual parade but an Easter Bonnet Festival that actually almost rivals the insanity during the annual Halloween parade.

This morning while the majority of Easter celebrators got gussied up for church or headed off to grandma’s for ham (that’s what we always had against my will), thousands of Easter bonnet aficionados descended on 5th Avenue to show not only St. Patrick’s parishioners but everyone walking by, exactly what an Easter bonnet should like.

Here are some of the most insane bonnets from the last couple years. It’s amazing most of them are able to keep these things on their heads without severe neck injury. But if there’s one thing us New Yorkers have mastered it’s being able to pull off the absurd with grace and eloquence.

(Images: Getty)