hoarders5Do you enjoy looking at rooms strewn with all kinds of cool old crap someone just couldn’t bear to part with? How about pretty androgynes in tasteful Goth attire? Because the latest issue of Interview Magazine contains a Hoarders-themed editorial that features both of those things prominently, and it is glorious.

Shot in both color and black and white by Fabien Baron, “The Hoarder” depicts a woman who is obsessed with physical objects, or maybe just a woman with more pressing things to do than clean her house, depending how you look at it. The intro paints a romantic portrait:

She lives in her own world, surrounded by the comfort of her possessions, a dark nostalgia, and romantic layers that cover the skin. She’s a contemporary Miss Havisham, as modernity meets tradition and classically tailored coats and jackets meet exaggerated boots and enormous wedges, with protective covers of matt and shine. Here comes Pre-Fall.

Maybe it’s because I’m kind of a hoarder myself, but I find these pictures really beautiful. To my eyes, the clutter comes across as visually stimulating, cozy, even nestlike. I guess you could argue that they glamorize a mental disorder, and maybe they do. But unless it’s harming you in some serious way, I don’t know that “hoarding” is always an illness that needs to be cured. My colleague Gerry Visco, for instance, has a fabulously cluttered apartment and was once a candidate for Hoarders, but says they didn’t end up featuring her because “I was too happy and having too much fun.” I loved the spread and thought it was gorgeous!” the self-described hoarder said when I asked her about it.

Or maybe that’s just our crazy talking! In any case, you probably shouldn’t look at it if you are one of those anal retentive “non-slovenly” people with whom I could never live.

(Via Buzzfeed)

Photos: Interview Magazine