As much as I despise leggings on grown women, I absolutely adore it on little girls. Too cute and a great cover up when it’s cold, great accessory for skirts and dresses or just all around trendy item to have in your daughter’s wardrobe. Here comes Flutter By Leggings from Angela Frost. I’m trying to find articulate words to describe the beautiful array of leggings but all I could come up with is “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Just look at the packaging then tell me you’re not as enamored as I am.


Yes, in those beautiful round boxes, with butterflies on top are the leggings. And these aren’t your regular solid colored leggings. They have different designs that will knock you socks off. And wait ’till you read the shades names. You’ll be licking your lips, literally. That or raiding your pantries :). Click more to see all of them.


Gypsy Love : Peanut butter & Jelly, Buffy, Pink Poodle, Lavender Mist, Chocolate dipped Strawberries and Blueberry parfait.


Zippitty Doo Da :  Red Licorice, Black Licorice, Lemonade, Tang and Sour Apple


Lacy Icing W/ Sprinkles : Strawberry, Lilac, Butter Cream and Sea Foam


Black Tie : Coming soon…

Flutter By Leggings is sewn, dyed and printed in Southern California. Visit Angela Frost website to find all these cute Flutter By Leggings. I can’t seem to find how you could purchase the leggings so I suggest to e-mail the store ( to find out how.

(Images : Flutter By Leggings Press)