Nine Days Denim is the creation of Donwan Harrell. His philosophy with this denim line is bringing the revolutionary design to the consumers with the same revolutionary mindset.




As a matter of fact, Harrell wants his jeans to be worn by iconoclasts, and counter culturists. The Men (and Women) who are not afraid to separate themselves from others. Someone who is proud of his fashion badge and is unlike everybody else. This revolutionary thing is a little over the top and too deep for a pair of jeans if you ask me but hey, whatever floats Harrell boat, right?

Nine Days boasts of 70’s revolution combined with the 80’s punk attitude integrated with the modern times. It uses premium denim in unconventional washes and treatment. $120 could land you a pair from Bloomingdales. Make sure you’re an influencer and not the follower. Nine Days Denim is for the early adapters, who gets flattery and often imitated. Are you ready to be that deep for a pair of denims? Heh! Check out Nine Days Denim for more info on where to purchase Nine Days Denim.

(Images: Nine Days Denim)