PlayBack Clothing is a company based in Brooklyn which aims to replace the uncomfortable, and cardboard look with trendy, hip, colorful and more stylish twists. PlayBack Clothing is made out of recycled cotton scraps, and plastic bottles which revolutionizes the quality of eco-fashion for years to come.


playback-5001A Beer Bottle Brown

Because PlayBack Clothing is from recycled materials, the name of the products are quite clever too. You’ll find items like “Beer Bottle Brown,” “Soda Bottle Green” and “Water Cooler Blue” just to name a few. The shirts have opaque reflection that comes from the recycled plastic bottles. Sweaters on the other hand are made from recycled yarn in the original color of cotton scraps. So you’re not only getting one color. You’re actually getting unique combination of heathers and melanges. Contrasting colors or stripes are used to lined the inside to give it a bit more of a complex quality.

You’d be glad to know that the prices are quite affordable too. They ranged from $22 for shirts and $55 for sweaters. Look for them at the official website at