If you live or happen to be visiting Sweden then you’ll appreciate this new fashion line called The Local Firm. A Swedish store is opening up soon while boutiques and some US stores will be stocked with the TLF collection sometime as well. I’ll share more information on that in the coming days.

The Local Firm was conceptualized using the 1920 Bauhaus movement as the collection’s inspiration. It’s “contrast of status” design features distinctive garments and materials to create and provide distinguishing contrast from one another.

Here are the Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 Collection Preview. The latter’s collection is actually the 4th collection from The Local Firm’s designers.

thelocalfirm-fall09-1 thelocalfirm-fall09-2


thelocalfirm-1 thelocalfirm-2

thelocalfirm-3 thelocalfirm-4

All of these were from Designers Axel Nyhage and Richard Hutchinson. They’re mostly known from other brands namely Acne Jeans, Whyred and Tiger of Sweden. Prices of The Local Firm collection starts from $95 to $545. “The Local Firm”, the brand’s name sure sounds distinctive, and bold. If you look at the Fall collection, it has that clean, kind of preppy with an edge look. For some crazy reason, I am getting a style flashback of Christian Bale in the movie American Psycho. I’m just talking about the style vibe of course, not the premise of the movie. You know what I mean?

(Images : TLF Press)