When you hear the word “Spanx”, naturally you’ll think of Women. Spanx is like a life Saviour for Women these days as far as fashion goes, of course. It hides and tucks the unnecessary bulges to show a nice silhouette. It really helps a lot especially when wearing dresses. Well,l fret no more Gentlemen because you’re getting something similar. Here comes Wondershirt/Spanx for Men.


Wondershirt, technically called Equmen Core Precision Undershirt is designed with Helix-Mapping Technology which is a fusion of physiotherapist taping techniques and athletic compression technologies that helps improve posture and at the same time providing support for back and core muscles. Wondershirt is ventilated with a moisture-wicking fabric use to fit you like a glove resulting into a smooth and tailored silhouette. Another Equmen product to match Wondershirt is the Precision Underwear which supports the lower part.

You’ll find both Core Precision Undershirt and Precision Underwear at Equmen website. Depending on it’s compression, price ranges from $89 to 99.

(Image : Equmen)