Iris Frost, daughter of Sadie Frost and Jude Law, is at the center of a deeply silly controversy. Mother and daughter sat frontrow at Vivienne Westwood while attending London Fashion Week yesterday and, apparently unbeknowst to either of them, 12-year-old Iris’ white dress was emblazoned with rude phrases like, “Blow Me,” “Drink Poison,” “Choke,” “Eat Shit,” and “Please Drown,” among others:

We’re not sure who exactly this offended (or, honestly, why) but Sadie Frost felt obligated to explain on Twitter, “I seem to have upset people & am shocked myself about the dress Iris wore to Vivienne Westwoods show. Iris had been bought it as a present,” then added, “i assumed it was just the sayings the sweets have on them. I’m sorry for any upset it may have caused..Iris is a sweet, innocent girl.”


(Photos via Tiskin and Getty)