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We’ve all gone shoe shopping and found the most glorious pair of heels, only to realize that we’d never actually wear them IRL, right? I mean, that’s how I feel about the new Dior stilettos, though the thing preventing me from wearing is the price tag, not the style. For those of you who are a little bolder, though, it might take a little more for a shoe to really scare. If you identify as one of those people, let me introduce you Irregular Choice‘s Alice in Wonderland collection, a themed shoe line that, well, takes “themed” to a whole new level. 

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If you’re thinking that this line will be similar to the Marc by Marc Jacobs Alice in Wonderland-inspired collection, with its kitschy-yet-wearable sweaters, wallets, and handbags, I’ll just tell you now that you’re flat-out wrong. One look at one of the teasers for the Irregular Choice line should convince you of that:

alice in wonderland teaser

Yes, those are teapots on the heels of those shoes. No, I’m not sure if they hold actual tea. No, I won’t try to stop you if you want to find out.

You’ve probably seen similar shoes to this at retailers like ModCloth or, more likely, in fashion exhibitions at art museums, but this shoe line is completely available for purchase through, the only U.S. retailer for the collection. It features 16 different pairs of shoes ranging in style from ballet flats to heeled booties, with prices falling between $184 and $381. For sure, each pair is an investment, but when you consider the fact that you’re paying for both a quality pair of shoes and what can essentially be considered a work of art, the price is definitely justified.

If you’re interested you’d better act fast! Some sizes are already selling out, and as the White Rabbit taught us, it’s never good to be late to the party.

i'm late1

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Read on to see some of my favorites!

All Mad Here Teapot Ankle Boot ($290)

all mad here

These are by far my favorite shoes in the collection, and honestly, I’d probably try to find a way to work them into my wardrobe. I can see these going nicely with an all-black outfit, assuming you’re not at all concerned about the fact that you’re literally walking around with a motif of the Mad Hatter on your ankle.

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Cheshire Cat Heart Heel ($223)

cheshire cat herel

So, the Cheshire Cat has definitely given me nightmares ever since I first saw the animated version of Alice when I was a little kid, but these woven heels are kind of adorable.

One Lump Or Two Teapot Heel ($278)

women's teapot heel

The amount of detail work that they were able to fit on this one shoe really is astounding. From the cards to the clock to the print inside the shoe, everything is just so eye-catching.

Flowers Can’t Talk Heels ($260)

flowers can't talk

I think I’d feel a little weird walking around knowing that I was stepping on Alice’s head the whole time, but how funny are these?

Click here to shop the entire Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland collection now!

(Photos: Courtesy of Irregular Choice)