I realize that Taylor Momsen wants to be a rebel. I realize she is trying really, really hard to move towards that goal with music videos where she plays Jesus in a white dress with a lot of eyeliner. And you know, she’s 17. She should be engaging in some sort of pseudo-rebellion. But I just don’t take any of this seriously.

I realize that she’s supposed to be Courtney Love for a younger generation, but somehow, I never felt Courtney Love spent so much time meticulously sculpting her image. Maybe that’s because I didn’t see Courtney Love when she was 15. Since Taylor Momsen sprung onto the scene as non-eyeliner wearing Little J on Gossip Girl, we all kind of saw her and formed a perception of her. That perception was “cute girl, seems kind of spunky.”

Trying to take her new persona seriously would be like trying to take Lady Gaga seriously if we’d all been hanging out with her when she was Stefani Germanotta. We wouldn’t see her as this super cool pop-culture rebel, we’d just see her as this kind of nice girl we’d all known who was suddenly wearing a super elaborate costume.

To be fair, it doesn’t help that Courtney love sends out tweets about her like:

hut the FUCK up you overpriveliged bratty bitch that picked one every freak in high school mention my name again? BAM … is that youyr name? i dont watch tv or read teen mags and gossip rags so i wouldnt know, do NOT still “like my music”please … if i was pissy about every chick that every bit me id be busy indeed your just annoyingly cloyingly wrong.WORKWITHYRHANDS … oh btw i doubt it would be from me that BAM, i think it would be from every “freak” and Fag” in high school you ever picked on. Christ!UGH … ahhh and after taht im just going to go to find a friend and have a Virgin daquiri im sure @taylorxmomson your very “sweet” but idontcare … aha ah so @taylorxmomson so sorry although now ive spazzed inront of alot of people i feel lame, but theres a look in the eyes icanalwaystel

Now, this does not make me take Taylor Momsen’s Courtney Love-style less seriously because Courtney Love doesn’t like her. It makes me take her less seriously because it reminds me that true counter-culture icons are out of their fucking minds. I seriously have no idea what Courtney Love is typing, there. Isn’t it great?

Taking into account the possibility that people do really undergo massive overhauls in personality, if Taylor Momsen had responded with something equally insane, I guess I would think “okay, the mask has become her face, and she’s some nutty punk rocker, now.” Instead Taylor Momsen replied “Hole had a really cool vibe, and you know, I’m influenced by a lot of people.” And responses like that make me think that underneath the eyeshadow, she’s still a nice girl. She’s just wearing the uniform of a crazy girl.