Lindsay Lohan posted the above tweet today.

I guess hastily adding the word “ad” at the end of a tweet means it’s a paid tweet, right? And if it’s a paid ad, then I seriously doubt she actually “bought” that scarf and hobo bag. And why would Burberry select someone like Lindsay to hawk their wares? I don’t think an endorsement from her really means as much as it would have at the height of her fame. Right now, she’ll put her name on anything. Would Burberry want to cheapen their brand in that way? I mean, they have Emma Watson in their print ads – she’s a much better face for the company.

Also, if Burberry would like to pay other people to tweet about the fact that they are having a sale, we made it abundantly clear that we are open to bribery.

UPDATE: Fashionista notes that Lohan previously tweeted about buying a Balenciaga bag on Beyond the Rack, which actually makes sense – Beyond the Rack is the one paying Lohan for her tweets, not Burberry.