I hate baggy pants. I think they make people look like they do not understand how pants work. (Pants working = pants that stay above your hips unsopported by your hands. Pants falling down your butt = pants fail). I discriminate strongly against people who do not seem to understand pants because they do not seem to understand pants. I did not realize until today that I was a bigot.

The New York Times reported on the dress code at various clubs. They note:

the New York City Commission on Human Rights opened an investigation (still in progress) into the Continental, a sports bar in the East Village on Third Avenue, for its “no baggy jeans or bling” policy, which civil rights groups called a barely concealed ploy to keep out blacks. Trigger Smith, the owner of the Continental, denied that he was trying to exclude people of a certain race. “It just so happens that more minorities wear these” kinds of clothes, he told The New York Times in January. “There isn’t a racist bone in my body.”

So. How do you feel?