Just a week after getting called “too thin” by Katie Couric, Kate Middleton is once again the subject of pregnancy rumors because she…has a baby bump? Tweeted a sonogram? Was spotted buying pre-natal vitamins? No, she:

1.) Toasted the queen with what looked like water (but might have been vodka!) and,

2.) Wore an outfit that could theoretically hide a small blastula in one’s tummy.

The peplum jacket was worn as part of her triumphant three outfit day, which also included this cute little baby-hiding number:

As well as this lovely Erdem frock at night.

As much as I hate to admit that I know this much about her, Kate Middleton doesn’t generally wear tight clothes, because she is not Kim Kardashian. Sometimes a peplum is just a peplum. That said, I kind of hope that she is pregnant just so I can watch her get totally fat.


(Via Gawker)

Photos: WENN