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I’m not a big smartwatch fan (or any kind of wearable tech, for that matter), but it’s really only because my idea of what a smartwatch is is the Apple Watch. It’s basically a mini TV for your wrist that looks like something out of a cheesy spy TV show, and it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I like the look and feel of a more traditional watch—it goes with everything, it’s reliable, and it’s not so obviously tech-y that you feel like ~*that guy*~. Fortunately, Isaac Mizrahi has teamed up with HP on a smartwatch that might just change the game forever. 

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More an “enhanced timepiece,” as Fashionista calls it, than a smartwatch, the Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch has the look and feel of a regular analog watch with all the benefits of other, more obviously tech accessories. Essentially, it gives you what you want in an Apple Watch without sacrificing classic style, which has been my only complaint about other watches this whole time. Take a look:

isaac mizrahi watches

Look how normal those watches are! Sure, they have a little more bling than I would normally go for, but hey, this is Isaac Mizrahi we’re talking about, and he loves his bling. It comes with five band options, including pale pink and baby blue, in case you weren’t sure whether or not it was specifically targeted at women.

According to Ars Technica, the work in a fashion not entirely unlike every other smartwatch out there:

“The device has a traditional analog face and a discreet OLED display at the bottom of the face. That screen will light up to show smartphone notifications, including text, call, and calendar alerts, while the rest of the device functions as a normal watch.”

So, underneath the classic Isaac Mizrahi design, there’s advanced technology that’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices once paired via Bluetooth, as is the norm. The same Ars Technica report also states, 

“The device will track daily activity as well, and it’s water-resistant up to 30 meters. One peculiar feature is that the watch will have a direct feed to Isaac Mizrahi’s Twitter account, so his tweets will show up on the watch’s subtle display.”

Is it a little weird that Mizrahi is so obviously using this watch to extend the reach of his own brand? Sure, but really, it’s a small (and honestly, not even all that bothersome) price to pay for a smartwatch that gives you the best of both worlds. Each watch retails for $249.99, placing it slightly under the normal price range of smartwatches (the basic Apple Watch goes for $349, while the Tag Heuer Connected, which was actually advertised as having captured “eternity in a box,” goes for $1,500).

It’s interesting to see long-standing womenswear designers branching out into the tech world at a time where you can’t turn around with some new technological advance smacking you across the face. Whether it shows a shift in designers’ mindsets about the relationship between tech and fashion or just one designer’s desire to try something new, one thing is for sure: if this is the future of smartwatches, I might have to get behind it.

The Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch is available for pre-order now!

(Photos: Courtesy of Isaac Mizrahi by HP)