Isabel Marant H&M Harpers

Phillip Lim for Target? Who’s Phillip Lim for Target? Ah, the cycle of fast fashion collabs churns on, and there’s nothing like a new fall H&M collab to get our blood rushing. But the much-awaited Isabel Marant H&M collection hasn’t teased us with any clips or hints yet, save a few snapshots of Marant herself in blousey dress from the collection. But the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar has the first real look at some of the pieces, and they look pretty damn appealing.

There’s a pair of shiny gold earrings, an extremely shiny pump that appears to be sequinned and studded, and a clean, utilitarian overcoat in an appealing gray color. (We always love gray at the beginning of fall.) The best piece for sure is a boxy, embellished jacket with red trim and possibly some more studding going on; it looks like a Chanel jacket, but younger and cooler.

Marant promises the collection won’t just be crappy versions of her fancy clothes — which are usually expensive, luxury versions of thrift store clothes anyway.

“It was clear from the beginning that we didn’t want to just do a cheap version of Isabel Marant, so we worked around keeping a really high level of quality in the fabrics and the manufacturing, doing things by hand,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. Admittedly, every designer that has ever collaborated with H&M has said that, from Stella McCartney to Comme des Garçons, so the previous collabs should give us an idea of what the actual quality level will be like.

The collab will include T-shirts, sweats, and “tribal-chic” jackets similar to what we saw in Marant’s SPring 2010 collection and some embroidered dresses like what she showed for Fall 2012. Intriguingly, there will also be some “shaggy sweaters” in cropped and full-length versions, made of loops of wool yarn intended to create a furlike effect.

“We did a kind of knitted ‘fur’ in wool, which is super cool,” Marant explained. Man, that sounds awesome. We might finally rock a crop top.

The collab hits stores and the H&M website on  November 15, and we’ll surely be getting some more glimpses before that comes out. We seriously can’t wait to see what else is coming.

Via Racked/Image: Harper’s Bazaar via Racked