Be prepared to feel old and unaccomplished, because there is a new Tavi in town, and this one has been running a fashion line since she was 10 years old.

According to WWD, 12-year-old designer Isabella Rose Taylor is going to be launching her own clothing collection at Nordstrom this year. She founded the label herself and has been selling the clothes she designs online for the past three years.

Is it just us, or are kids getting more precocious these days? When we were 10, people were really impressed if you could read at a higher grade level. These day small children have Internet start-ups and book deals. Taylor is a freshman at a local community college, has shown paintings at gallery shows, and now has a capsule collection with a major retailer.

Taylor’s Nordstrom collection is expected to be a 15-piece collection retailing from $20 to $100. The aesthetic will follow a grungy, hippie, feminine look.

“Isabella has the unique ability to create fun, stylish clothes that really represent her customer, who are also her peers,” said Jennifer Jackson, corporate merchandising manager for kid’s and Brass Plum at Nordstrom.

Taylor is not doing it all on her own, of course. Like several other young fashion prodigies, including style blogger Jane Aldridge and fashion designer Kira Plastinina, Taylor has generous parents investing in her fashion career. She told WWD that she does not know exactly how much her parents have spent on her business, but she announced on her brand’s Facebook page that she does intend to pay them back.

It’s difficult to not feel envious of these wunderkinder, but keeping a business running for three years is an accomplishment for anybody, regardless of age.

Photo via Facebook/IsabellaRoseTaylorDesigns