Katie Holmes shortly before she started dating Tom Cruise. Photo: Pop Stars Plus

Does anyone remember how Katie Holmes dressed before she become Mrs. Tom Cruise. Yes, she was younger then, as it has been five years, but I think we can all agree that she wasn’t the most fashionable woman out there. I’d dare to say “frumpy and desperately in need of a stylist,” but I’m sure some die-hard Holmes’ fans will freak-out, jump down my throat and tell me I should throw myself from the closest fire escape.

Along with watching the bizarre antics of both their courtship and their eventual marriage unfold, we also witnessed Holmes go from being a kid who did her own thing, to a perfectly groomed Stepford Wife. She smiled when she was told to, she awkwardly kissed her husband back in public when he kissed her, and her attire, assumingly thanks to control-freak Cruise, changed almost over night.

We could equate this change to the fact that she grew up, but considering the rate at which it happened, it’s probably more likely that Cruise had more of a hand in it than Holmes will ever admit — because her contract of silence won’t let her admit a thing!

So with Tom being sent on his way, what can we expect from Katie Holmes’ upcoming fashion choices? Will she finally start dressing herself again? She has great style, but if it’s been Cruise who’s been pulling the strings all this time, it might be interesting to watch Holmes find herself again — not just fashionably, but in every other possible way now that she’s a free woman. Run, Katie, run!

Katie Holmes almost six years later. Photo: TNYF/WENN.com