A few weeks ago, Vogue Italia’s website produced a paragraph of fashion copy so stunningly insensitive it must be seen to be believed. Thank you, Jezebel, for noticing. First, let’s have a look at the headline:

So, that’s astounding. Boasting the title of first major fashion glossy to publish an all-black model issue (problematic though that may be) and editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani’s initiatives against pro-ana websites, Italian Vogue is commonly thought to be the most progressive of the Vogue family. So you figure, oh god, maybe it’s just a problem with translation, right? Right…?


Italian Vogue has since changed the headline of the post to “Ethnic Earrings” and managed to excise the word “slave” from the body copy (that’s the update above, but Jezebel has its original version). I suppose they forgot to update the tags.

Pricelessly, the copy still concludes: “And the evolution goes on.” Maybe next time we can evolve away from anything resembling this kind of horseshit?