Sometimes I think Italian Vogue is the best Vogue. Other times, I’m not sure what they’re thinking. In any case, I’d like to know what they’re intermittently smoking over there, so that I can avoid it.

Italian Vogue‘s latest in a long line of “WTF” moments is a “trend piece” they published today on “rapper style.” According to them, “rapper style” was initially “launched in the 90s with basketball star Michael Jordan appearing in commercials for Nike,” and is making its comeback next season!

The photo (taken, weirdly, in 2002) contains a mish-mash of every outdated stereotype about hip-hop style that exists, including athletic shorts, a bandana around the head, and a big, fur coat. The copy further elaborates:

The cult-garment: low-slung pants, no matter if  ample and wide like the Ashish model, paired with a glitter sweatshirt, or in a more feminine version like the graphic print jumpsuit by Lamb, pants should never be tight-fitting, see those sported by Jay-Z.

You heard right: if you want to do “rapper style” right, you should not, under any circumstances, dress like the biggest rapper in the world. (Also: Michael Jordan is…not a rapper.) The fixation on baggy pants is especially strange considering that more fitted jeans have been adopted by pretty much all of the major players in hip-hop right now, to the point where the trend has trickled down to the masses and the kids I see running around Bushwick these days are all wearing skinny jeans in bright colors.

I’m guessing what Vogue Italia meant to say is “a certain type of 90s rapper style,” but they should probably find a better reference point. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they did not just mean “stereotypical black people style,” but considering the issues they’ve had with race in the past, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

(Via Styleite)