Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue (otherwise known as the Best Vogue*) blogged yesterday about a tendency of certain fashion publications toward easy, compulsory vulgarity…

“Why is it that the fashion magazines, the ones doing the most research, fall into out of line, worrisome, and at times vulgar traps?” she asks, “We have seen nudes of men and women for a while without purpose if not shocking the audience.”

Sozzani goes on to lament bad taste under the banner of Fashion; that just because an image is provocative doesn’t mean it has artistic merit. One might be pretty hard-pressed to find someone who’d argue this point (“No! Nudity automatically makes any image avant garde!”) (well, maybe Carine?), so this isn’t really the interesting bit.

The interesting bit is this:

There was the Terry Richardson trend with Juergen Teller, both of them trashy photographers that transformed nudes into something sexy and crude rather than glossy.

She goes on to discuss little girls dressed outrageously in “sexy clothes” and I can’t help but think she’s alluding to French Vogue (also a frequent collaborator of Richardson’s) but that’s conjecture. What isn’t conjecture is that the EIC of Italian Vogue just straight up dismissed Terry Richardson.

What do you think? Is fashion sometimes provocative just for the sake of being provocative? Or is there plenty of room for different kinds of images?

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